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Established in 1961, We’re one of the country’s leading manufacturers of paper and cardboard packaging products, and the first company to acquire the German-made Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 5-colour offset printing machine, complete with computerised quality and register control system. Specialised in the production of offset printed cartons; laminated, corrugated, and die-cut boxes and nestings, and our patented eco pallet. VPB have continue to grow and gain quality standards throughout the industry. Our Certified ISO9001:2008 came in 1994, we were certified ISO14000:2004 in the year 2000.



Our quality system is certified to the prestigious ISO9001:2000 standard. In addition, various quality control techniques are employed to complement our commitment to first-class quality. The techniques and tools used are:
- Statistical Process Control (SPC)
- Statistical Sampling for finished goods
- Mistake Proof (Poka Yoke)
- Continued Improvements in process and quality (KAIZEN)

Our accountable and sustainable sourcing policy:
- Procurement Policy ensuring that all material being produced are from mills that have their forestry program accredited by FSC
- Ability to support customer who would require Fiber Chain of Custody and accountability as the plant is “FSC Certified”
- Securing paper board material directly from the mill ensuring Food Grade Certification authenticity
- Having contingency of board supply to ensure continuity in support and uninterrupted supply to customer



Printed & Laminated – Cartons / Boxes
Products of this category are highly specialized not only in terms of product design but also in terms of the manufacturing process, by far most often used to enhance the quality image of the product packaged, laminated boxes have the added advantage of superior strength and extra cushioning for the contents and are therefore preferable to slide board in many respects.

Die-cut Boxes, Nestings & Inserts
These are made of corrugated board and cardboard produced to the customer’s specification, for the purpose of portioning, protecting and stocking.

Printed Folding Cartons
These boxes are made of various types of offset printed cardboard. Used generally for primary or secondary packaging, these boxes can serve both for display and non-display purpose.

Corrugated RSC Cartons
These are generally used are shipping cartons. Depending on the nature of the products and the means or duration of transportation, the strength and durability of the cartons can be enhanced by employing different material.



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